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Lewis Library copyright review services work with HSC faculty, staff, and students to address copyright information needs across campus and through academic publishing. Copyright review is included as part of normal library processes during the creation of course reserves through LIST IT @ HSC.  Other copyright review needs are met through one-on-one consultation, and individual or group education sessions.

  • Copyright review of course materials– Includes use risk assessment under library negotiated contractual use, fair use, and the TEACH Act. Use of library print materials and creation and management of digitized copies of acceptable parts of those materials. Evaluation of materials not owned by HSC and options provided for acceptable use or copyright clearance.
  • Copyright review of potential publications– Review of academic article publishing agreements to provide information about the retention of author rights and copyright licensing options.
  • Pre-publication article review – Includes review of images and graphics used in the article, support in obtaining necessary copyright permissions for image use, support for location of alternative images, etc.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)– Topics may include locating OER, understanding OER licensing and copyright restrictions, publishing support, etc.
  • Fair Use – Understanding fair use, fair use limitations, etc.
  • Creative Commons Licenses– Types of licenses, best practices, copyright restrictions, etc.
  • Use of Library Resources – Understanding licensing restrictions on library resources, alternative options, how to use library resources within copyright & contract restrictions, etc.
  • Other topics by request

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