Printing from a Computer

Print Drivers and VPN Software

  • UNTHSC students, faculty, and staff should install the Pharos printer drivers to send print jobs from personal computers. The drivers can be installed on laptop or desktop computers running Windows or Mac operating systems.
  • To send a print job from a computer that is outside the campus network you will need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.
    • Log into the VPN before sending a print job.
    • Access VPN Service if you are installing the VPN client for the first time.

Sending a Print Job

  • Once the Pharos printer drivers are installed, two printer selection will be available. "Pharos BW" and "Pharos Color." Choose a driver to print.
    • Jobs sent to "Pharos Color" must be released at one of the color-capable printers.
    • Jobs sent to "Pharos BW Printers" can be released at any of the print stations.
  • Set the document size correctly before sending your job to a Pharos printer to avoid incorrect charges.
    • If a document does not match one of the standard sizes (Letter (8 ½ x 11), Legal (8 ½ x 14), or Ledger (11 x 17)), you will be charged 25 cents per side (color or black & white).
    • All library computers default to two-sided, black & white printing.
    • Change any print settings in the program you are using before sending. Settings cannot be changed on the printing station after they are sent to the print queue.
    • Refunds are not issued for incorrect settings.

Releasing a Print Job

  • Print jobs sent to Pharos must be released at one of the printers within 24 hours. Any unprinted jobs are automatically deleted after this period.
  • Use your UNTHSC ID badge to log into your personal Pharos account. Hold the badge near the black proximity reader until you see the "please wait" message on the touch screen. For other Pharos accounts and patrons (including departmental accounts), log into Pharos by typing your user name and password on the touch screen.
  • Once you log in, you should see your queued print jobs.  Select which jobs you would like to print.
  • Money will not be deducted from your account until you press print and release the print job.