Understanding Copyright and Plagiarism

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Understanding Copyright and Plagiarism

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Module Length: 
1 hour
Class Description: 

Copyright and plagiarism are two important considerations for scholarship, whether from the author/creator perspective or the viewpoint of users of information sources. Both copyright and plagiarism are often addressed in student codes of conduct, course syllabi, and in other settings like publishing of articles or manuscripts throughout universities. Why does following copyright guidelines matter? What constitutes plagiarism?

In this module, learners will develop an understanding of the basics of copyright as well as what should be considered in the appropriate assignment of credit for sources of information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define copyright and plagiarism, including associated terms like public domain and an overview of origins in the United States law
  • Explore what constitutes a claim for Fair Use
  • Apply the four factors used in determining Fair Use and other considerations for copyright violations
  • Review Creative Commons licensing and how images and other information sources can be used or altered with various types of licenses
  • Identify resources for guidance on copyright and plagiarism