Developing a Professional Identity Using Information

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Developing a Professional Identity Using Information

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Keyboard, laptop, pen, and paper on a table
Module Length: 
1-1.5 hours
Class Description: 

Information about a professional’s life is easily searchable and discoverable online. Altmetrics, or “alternative metrics,” are growing in popularity to the point that many speculate these measures of a researcher’s presence and research footprint will actually one day include how many times their work has been shared across social media and through other informal means.

One thing to consider is how to put this information to work for you! This module was developed to assist professionals at all levels in identifying information and building your professional presence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identification of key professional information sources in your field or discipline
  • Define altmetrics, NIH Biosketches, author profiles, and other sources of author information
  • Explore the sources of altmetrics and why researcher “footprints” matter
  • Create or adapt existing sources of information, like Wikipedia, to strengthen online professional presence
  • Utilize tools, like ORCID, to create a researcher profile that is unique to you, assisting with name disambiguation and other common errors
  • Audit personal social media accounts to determine privacy settings
  • Develop a professional presence in social media and other non-traditional spaces