Using Point of Care Tools for Information Bedside

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Using Point of Care Tools for Information Bedside

Healthcare provider searching for information on a cell phone
Module Length: 
.5 – 1 hour
Class Description: 

Information can be a critical need for providers at the point of care, but where to begin? How do practitioners translate research and information seeking skills to a clinical setting while working directly with patients? There are a number of trusted resources, sometimes referred to as bedside or point of care tools, to assist in locating quality information when needing quick answers.

In this module, learners will gain knowledge about the most popular point of care tools currently available through Lewis Library.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the types of resources available as medical students through HSC
  • Identify the most appropriate tools based on specific information needs
  • Install mobile apps for ease in use on a variety of devices
  • Anticipate scenarios where access may be limited and plan ahead for offline access when possible
  • Learn who to contact for additional assistance with advanced features of point of care tools and support