Organizing Digital Life

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Organizing Digital Life

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Desk and bulletin board covered with several papers, notes, and a laptop
Module Length: 
5. - 1 hour
Class Description: 

Are photos and screenshots taking over all of your devices? Can you find the most recent version of an assignment or document without opening multiple copies to locate the correct file? Does your computer desktop look like it could benefit from more than just a little tidying up? Having a simple system in place for organizing your digital life significantly reduces stress and gives you precious time back in your day.

In this module, learners will embrace their inner expert organizer and learn strategies to declutter their electronic world.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the main contributing factors to digital disorganization and perspectives on digital hoarding
  • Perform an audit on your digital life including files and needs assessment
  • Identify the parts of a file name or numbering that are most helpful to include
  • Explore tags and other tips for getting a handle on photos and videos
  • Classify the types of files you save and routinely want to access in a variety of ways
  • Utilize secure password storage to further protect against unwanted access and save time
  • Prioritize what is important to retain from both a short term and long-term perspective
  • Evaluate storage options for different types of media