Closing Gaps in Care Using Health Information Resources

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Closing Gaps in Care Using Health Information Resources

Person sitting at a table typing on a laptop
Module Length: 
1.5 – 2 hours
Class Description: 

The lessons contained in this module are intended to help learners gain an understanding of the types of literacy, review factors that affect patients’ health literacy comprehension, discover sources of identifying relevant national, state, and local resources, develop the ability to evaluate health resources, and demonstrate how to explain a patient handout to aid in improving patient understanding.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand common literacy challenges including literacy, numeracy, digital literacy, and health literacy
  • Identifying factors for health literacy comprehension
  • Practice identify and utilizing local, state, and national level resources for patients
  • Demonstrate appraisal skills by evaluating resources for bias, reliability, and other considerations related to quality
  • Practice conversations in appropriately sharing resources with patients
  • Reflect on implications for resource identification for patients as a clinical student as well as in future practice settings