Community Engagement Services


Lewis Library Community Engagement serves community members and partners to reduce barriers to quality health information. This is achieved through educational programming for adults, children, and professionals. Additional services focus on access and evaluation of patient and health resources through technology tools, health fairs, and exhibits.

The function of community engagement has been a unique feature in Lewis Library since the 1980s and fulfills the role as a resource library for the Network of the National Library of Medicine.

HOPE Directory

The HOPE Directory is a centralized source for reliable information about health organizations, programs, and events in the North Texas area. The directory is different than other community resources lists because the information is collected, curated, and verified by local medical librarians. HOPE was developed and is managed by Lewis Library.

Search the directory below or visit for more information.

Open Access Health Information

While full access to the library’s online collection is restricted to students and affiliated individuals only, there are a number of reliable research articles and other resources available through what is known as Open Access.

Search open access materials from the library’s collection below, or consider visiting resources such as PubMed, TexShare Databases, and MedlinePlus. Contact us at to request research support if you are unable to find what you are searching for.

Additional Services

Patient & Health Resources

Curated resources that meet the needs of patients based on a variety of medical needs including general health and wellness, drug information, environmental health, and children’s health.

Technology Tools

Targeted technology projects focused on removing barriers to quality health information. These projects have included an easy-to-use kiosk with health information and an online directory of local health organizations.

Alumni & TOMA Members

Special services for alumni and TOMA members including reduced research service fees, open access databases, patient education resources, and archival services.

Research Services

In addition to educational programming, research services are also offered. Among the services provided are literature searches—including searches of more than 200 online databases, citation verification assistance, and publication support.