Vision Statement & Donations


The University Archives in the Gibson D. Lewis Health Science Library is devoted to collecting, preserving, and providing access to the heritage of osteopathic medicine, documenting the history of the university, and supporting the research endeavors of the University of North Texas Health Science Center and public researchers.


The University Archives collects and maintains manuscripts, photographs, film, negatives, slides, media, artifacts, and historic materials that document the history of UNTHSC, the research endeavors of the university, and current and historical osteopathic materials. The Archives preserves and provides access to institutional records, photographs, medical memorabilia, and the private and professional papers of Health Science Center faculty, departments, University organizations, alumni, and materials donated by the public that are related to the Health Science Center.

The Library and the University Archives accepts gifts and donations of books, journals, and other materials based on their value to the collections. However, due to limited staff and space for print journals, the Library can no longer accept donations of print journals without prior authorization. The Library reserves the right to transfer materials to a more appropriate collection or to dispose of materials that do not fall within the scope of the collection.

Please contact the following individuals when donating a gift to the Library or the University Archives.