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A small HSC team comprise of staff from Facilities and the library worked with TreanorHL to develop a plan to renovate the Gibson D. Lewis Library. Information from student satisfaction surveys, other student feedback as well as observational studies informed the group during the planning phase. TreanorHL is the design company who created the new space in EAD 2nd floor.

Construction will begin August 5, 2024 and is expected to run through July 2025.

Updates for the 1st Floor Lower Lobby include:

  • New furniture
  • Small kitchen space (including sink)
  • Multiple Microwaves
  • Ice Machine

Updates for the 2nd Floor include:

  • New furniture
  • Individual and group study areas

Updates to the 3rd Floor include:

  • New furniture
  • Presentation space
  • New Focus Rooms
  • Updated stationary manipulation tables
  • Relocated Reflection Room

Renovation updates to the 4th Floor include:

  • New furniture
  • Additional Focus Rooms
  • Food Pantry relocated