Research Discovery Room

Research Discovery RoomOverview: The Research Discovery Room (LIB-311) is prioritized for faculty research and interprofessional data exploration.

Location and hours accessible:

Supplemental technologies needed: None


  • The Research Discovery Room has been designed for
    up to 30 participants to work on collaborative projects.
  • The space is equipped with furniture that is especially adaptive,
    using reconfigurable tables and chairs to facilitate group interaction.
  • One wall of the room features an 82” multi-touch sensing LCD display developed by Perceptive Pixel, Inc.
    Technical information and demonstration videos are available at Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft.
  • Another wall in the room provides floor-to-ceiling whiteboard space for use in planning and developing projects.
  • A third wall contains six liquid crystal wall panels that are opaque but turn clear with a flip of a switch.