Publisher Evaluation Guidelines


Evolving methods of information seeking, communication, and scholarly publication continue to impact the landscape of research. Scholars are faced with a number of decisions when searching for reputable journals for article submission and editorial board service. Further, open access deposit of publications is emerging as a requirement critical to meeting agency-specific funding requirements.

Lewis Library has created a Publisher Evaluation Criteria Checklist that can be used as part of this process. Contact your library liaison if you have questions or need further assistance.


This evaluation tool is intended for informational purposes only and Lewis Library does not endorse or otherwise promote publication in or editorial board participation for any particular title. This evaluation tool should only be used as an aid to inform decision-making regarding selection of journals for publication submissions or when considering service on journal editorial boards.

Please refer to guidelines and principles of best practice in scholarly publishing such as those provided by the Committee on Publication Ethics and the Open Access Scholarly Publisher’s Association for more information.


Publisher Evaluation Criteria Checklist

Portions of this checklist are either based upon or should be attributed to: Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing, December 19, 2013 from the Open Access Scholarly Publisher’s Association at

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