Comments through 2013

Please replace the Purell wipes on all the floors - we depend on those to clean the tables since they are not cleaned regularly. 
Comment from Neel Shah on Nov 22 2013

 Hi.  We will work with UNTHSC Facilities to make sure the Purell wipes are replaced when necessary.

Dan Burgard
Library Director


The new search engine for the library catalog is awful. It seems that the default search is to search all fields, it makes searching for a specific book very difficult. Please change it back to the old system or change the default search field to the Book Title.
Comment from Jon on Aug 05 2013

Jon, thank you for the input.  We are redesigning the initial catalog search page so that it gives you the option to do more exact searches.  The work should be done this week.  This will be the first of several changes you will see over the next few months as we offer new, more flexible search options that allow you to search across all types of literature, including books, journal articles, and other scholarly resources.

Until the opening catalog search page is changed, you can do a more exact title search by selecting the “Title” option on the Quick Search screen, or by selecting “Title” from the drop-down menu on the Advanced Search screen.  The new catalog provides the same functionality as the old catalog, plus there are several new features available that we hope our users will enjoy.

If you need help with searching, please contact us to set up an appointment with a librarian to learn more. 

Dan Burgard
Library Director


I have noticed that on a few occasions that the temperature of the library is a little too warm (especially on the weekends). It makes it very hard to concentrate on the work I need to do. I have also noticed that despite the wipes available to use for wiping down the surfaces, no one (except myself) is using them. I know it's hard to get the rest of the student body to be cleaner. Is there any way we can get the cleaning staff to wipe the tables and surfaces more often? Sticky spots, crumbs and dried slobber are not very sanitary. Thanks :)
Comment from James Musick on May 05 2013


Thank you for your input regarding the library spaces. The library works closely with our campus facilities department to ensure that we provide an environment that is welcoming and conducive to study.

To supplement the services provided by our facilities department, the Access Services staff of the library has developed an additional table cleaning schedule to ensure that tables are cleaned more frequently.

Regarding the library temperature, the University has established a heating and cooling cycle that regulates the temperature for each campus building. Campus facilities has assured us that the library can contact them to alert them to problems with the temperature and they will adjust the temperature within a reasonable range.

The library consistently monitors our processes and provides feedback to our facilities department so please don’t hesitate to notify our service desk staff (on the 2nd floor) if you notice any problems with the temperature or cleanliness of the building so that we can remediate the problem.

Lisa Smith
Deputy Director


There is no 'Librarian Chat' resource on the Library homepage. Other schools have that option. It is helpful .
Comment from Stephen on May 01 2013


Thank you for interest in library messaging services. The Reference Department has conducted an Instant Messaging pilot program in the past and has recently reviewed institutional  text & chat software products. We continue to review the products based on price and functionality. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us via our email account, our phone line 817-735-2070 or by dropping by the Reference Office in room 222.    


The laptops which were included in the 2012 technology package have no optical drives, but several of our textbooks include supplemental DVDs/CDs. I understand that DVDs/CDs are being phased out in terms of data transfer and storage, but currently they are still in fairly heavy use. I also understand that I can checkout one of your loaner laptops, however external optical drives are fairly cheap ($30-40 on the low-end), a lot less bulky and allow for data transfer onto our computers (program downloads). Therefore, I would like to suggest the investment in a few usb external optical drives to be available for check-out at the library desk. Thank you for your consideration.
Comment from Jason on Mar 06 2013

Thank you for this excellent suggestion!  We are in the process of ordering one of these portable drives as a test.  If it works well, we will consider the potential demand and order at least one more of the devices so that we have a few available for check out.  

Thanks again for the suggestion.  I appreciate that you took the time to help us improve library services.

Dan Burgard
Library Director


The third floor, although a "collaborative" floor, should still be a non-cell phone usage floor. Having a LOUD, LONG conversation on your phone while others RIGHT next to you are studying should not be allowed. It is still a library, and should be treated that way. Maybe a new sign stating this "consideration of fellow students" should be posted. Thank you. 
Comment from Briana on Jan 27 2013

I do agree that people could probably always be more considerate of others when it comes to loud cell phone conversations, even in the Collaboration Commons.  We will have an internal library discussion on the topic and likely end up engaging in a education campaign on this topic.  I suspect that we will put up signs encouraging people to be more discrete in their cell phone usage.  I will update this answer when we decide on a specific course of action.

Dan Burgard
Library Director


Buy book stands for students to check out, so people don't have to hold their books up
Comment from Student patron on Oct 22 2012

I think this is a good and interesting suggestion.  We have ordered two different book stands and will put them to the test after they arrive.  If the trial goes well, we will add a few stands to our resources available for checkout.  

Thank you for making this service improvement suggestion.  We appreciate your input.

Dan Burgard

Update on 1/27/2013 - We experimented with different stands but were unable to find any that functioned very well in our environment.  We will keep looking.  

Dan Burgard
Library Director


Today I did the write-n-cite class with Michele Whitehead. It was one of the most informative class I have ever done. Michele was great help and made everything very easy to understand. Ref works seems so much simpler now.
Comment from Priyanka Kandhari on Aug 28 2012


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your impressions concerning your recent RefWorks class taught by Michele!  We are very happy to hear that it was such an informative class and that you gained so much valuable information. We are lucky to have her on our instruction team! In addition to the classroom instruction offered to students our Reference Librarians are available to assist you with any questions you may have concerning our databases and research tools if you would like to drop by the reference office (Room 222) within the library to gain additional assistance. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00  - 5:00 pm, so don’t hesitate to come by if you would like additional assistance.

Thanks again for the feedback and we will let Michele know how pleased you were with her course!

Lisa Smith, MLS
Deputy Director


Would it be possible to have some sort of lockers available for student use in the library? I would definitely use it to store my books that I don't necessarily need for class, but definitely need for studying. Thanks!
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 30 2012

Thank you for the suggestion.  We will definitely investigate the idea of providing lockers for students.  I will start that process by querying other medical libraries in the United States and Canada about their provision of such a service.  Since your suggestion is submitted anonymously, I won’t be able to report back to you personally, but we will post an answer on the library website and on our physical comment board.

Dan Burgard
Library Director


Would it be possible for you all to put up signs on the quiet floor encouraging students not to eat noisy/ distracting foods. It may seem minor but it's very distracting when your trying to study and the person sitting next to you is munching away on something and making a lot of noise. I understand that many people like to eat when they study, in fact I do the same, but I make a point to bring things that I know won't bother those around me. Thanks.
Comment from Amanda on Feb 10 2012

Thank you for submitting this suggestion. It is a good idea and we will act on it. It may take us a bit of time to come up with appropriate wording for signs, but I will make sure it happens. We really do appreciate the suggestion because we consider running the library to be a cooperative venture with our students. The library staff cannot be everywhere at all times and cannot think of all possible improvements to library services and to our physical space. We rely on our heavy users, that is students, to help us keep the building in shape and to make suggestions for improvements. So, thanks again. We will work on your idea.

Dan Burgard
Library Director


I want to give my compliments to library team members Chai and Ebun. They were extremely helpful. It's people like them that really make a difference.
Comment from Shannon on Feb 09 2012

Thank you very much for the positive feedback! Our employees such as Chai and Ebun work very hard to help everyone have a positive experience in Lewis Library. To do their job well, they have to build excellent knowledge of library resources and often work long hours at all times of the day and night. It is nice to know that their efforts are paying off. We will especially be sure to let Chai and Ebun know that they are being complimented for their work in helping you and other Lewis Library patrons. Thanks again.

Dan Burgard
Library Director


It would be very beneficial for the library to have a fax machine available for student use, especially because the fax machine in student development isn't available on the weekends. Thanks!
Comment from Stacey on Feb 04 2012

Stacey, thanks so much for your question concerning the availability of fax machines in the library. The library continually analyzes our request for services and has determined that the use of a library fax machine would be minimal. We are finding that a scanning device that transmits items via .pdf is a more heavily requested service that might supplement or replace fax usage. We are currently exploring the possibility of instituting the 'scanning' service, but have determined that we will continue to direct students to the Student Services fax equipment for those wanting to access fax equipment on campus. If we decide to launch a new scanning service we will definitely notify students of the new service.

Lisa Smith, MLS
Deputy Director


Thanks a lot Michele Whitehead for helping us see an easier way to get our references done with the Refworks 2.0. 
Comment from Ebun Akinbola on Oct 28 2011

Thank you for attending our RefWorks 2.0 class.  I am so glad you found it beneficial.  I hope that you will consider signing up for other classes the Lewis Library offers, including hints for searching our library databases and refining search strategies.  Also, if you do not see a class you need listed on our Calendar of Events, please feel free to contact me and request it or set up an appointment.  Best wishes in your research!

Michele Whitehead
Instruction Librarian


The large group study rooms all have energy saving lights, but periodically go off while you are in there studying. Many times getting up to move around the room does not trigger the lights to turn on. I understand that we are trying to be green, but maybe we can adjust the time out levels or sensitivity to movement for the lights. 
Comment from Anonymous on Jun 16 2011

Thank you for your input concerning the new lighting system that has been installed on campus and throughout the library. We agree that the motion sensitivity feature of the new lighting system can be problematic for students studying for prolonged periods. We have previously requested an exception be made for certain study areas that would allow the older traditional lighting to be installed. We were notified that the only alternative that can be offered is to have the motion sensor timing be set to delay the light shutoff. We will definitely verify if the larger rooms are on the longer timing setting. We regret any disturbance this is causing to study groups and will work with the Facilities Department to provide the most optimal alterantive given the parameters provided for the campus 'green' initiative.

Lisa Smith, MLS
Deputy Director


The 4th floor is supossed to be a quiet area, but seems that employees in the building don't understand this and gather outside rooms to chit chat very loudly! this needs to stop why don't they gather in their break rooms? this is very distracting and annoying!
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 13 2011

Thank you for taking the time to submit a comment about noise in the library.  We will address the issue you mention in two ways.  The primary action we are undertaking to limit noise transmission on the 4th floor is to install a glass door across the hallway leading from the elevators toward the main study area on the north end of the floor.  The door should significantly lower the amount of noise that travels to the study area.  Of course, we will also work to remind staff on a regular basis that they should maintain as quiet a work space as is practical.

As always, keeping the library quiet is a cooperative effort between staff and students.  We always appreciates it when noise issues are brought to our attention since we cannot be everywhere at all times and we do our best to take care of such issues in a timely fashion.  One of our goals for the library building is to offer appropriate environments for different uses ranging from quiet study to conversational group work.  With everyone's help, we can achieve that goal.

Daniel Burgard
Library Director


I just want to get access to journals on line. There is no link that I can find on your incredibly busy homepage
Comment from Anonymous on Nov 24 2010

Thanks for your feedback, Michael.  If you are looking for articles that you have already identified, try the Journal Finder (linked from the top and the left sidebar on the home page, and the right sidebar elsewhere).

We have a video tutorial on the site that shows you our recommended methods of accessing journal articles.  You can view it here.

Finally, you'll be glad to know that we are working on a redesign of our home page that includes easier navigation.