Archives & Manuscripts

The purpose of this collection is to collect, preserve, index and make available for use the following types of records documenting the growth and development of the campus.

Institutional Archives

The Archives were established to document the history of UNTHSC and the osteopathic profession in Texas through the collection and preservation of institutional records, reports, memoranda, correspondence, photographs, medical memorabilia, and the private and professional papers of UNTHSC faculty, departments and organizations, alumni, and others.

William G. Sutherland Collection

The William G. Sutherland Collection is a unique collection of books, private papers, publications, and memorabilia of William Garner Sutherland, D.O., (1883-1954), the discoverer of cranial osteopathy. It also includes recorded lectures, correspondence, study guides, and photographs, as well as unofficial records of the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation from the personal files of Anne L. Wales, D.O.

Texas Osteopathic Medical Association Archives

The library maintains the historical records and publications of the Texas Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, now the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association, for the years 1927-1989.

Oral History Collection

The Oral History Collection preserves in recorded interviews perishable historical information found only in the memories of individuals who have either witnessed or participated in the development of UNTHSC and the osteopathic profession in Texas. Currently containing over 70 interviews, the collection includes the memoirs of the college's founders, administrators, faculty, and students, as well as leaders in osteopathic medicine in Texas. Search the library catalog for "oral histories" to view available items.

Through the generosity of Dan Saylak, D.O., the TOMA Archives Committee digitized the entire collection, copying them onto CDs and DVDs. This ensures their preservation and allows them to be shared electronically.