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Health Informatics Internship

On an annual basis, the library offers a Health Informatics Internship (pdf) that is limited to Library Science students enrolled in the Medical Informatics program at the University of North Texas.

  • Where is the internship located?

    Interns work at the Gibson D. Lewis Health Science Library of the UNT Health Science Center, located at 3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas. Components of the internship will also be hosted at the TCU Library, also located in Fort Worth.

  • Is this internship paid?


  • How do students apply? Whom should they contact with questions?

    For general information about the internship, contact Dan Burgard at Daniel.Burgard@unthsc.edu. Applications should be submitted to Dr. Ana Cleveland at Ana.Cleveland@unt.edu.

  • Will this count for practicum credit?

    Yes, as long as the intern fulfills all of the practicum requirements as set forth by the Health Informatics program. Please contact Dr. Cleveland at UNT for more information about enrolling in the practicum.

  • How many hours a week will interns work?

    Students will work with their site coordinator to determine their weekly schedule. However, the practicum requires 180 hours, all of which must completed by the end of the semester.

  • How long does the internship last?

    The internship is for one semester.